March 20, 2020 Doug and Anna flew home from their trip to India, just 5 days before the announcement of the India lockdown. Since returning home, we have received requests from a number of organizations requesting funds for the purchase and distribution of food, all the way from the north, south and east of India.

You can donate to Covid-19 Emergency Relief!

Through Ministry of Mercy, we are distributing food and supplies to Grace Foster Home, our 5 Resource Life Centers (pregnancy centers), and 6 other groups that we are in relationship with who are in the process of setting up a Life Center.

he purpose of Bethel House India has always been to spread the message of life with the disadvantaged—as in the song, Like a bridge over troubled water. The difficulties faced during this current pandemic give us the opportunity to encourage our new and current works all across India.

The ‘H’ in our BHI logo stands for a bridge over troubled water. During these recent weeks, the people of India have become very troubled, but over these next few weeks, God has put it on our hearts to bring blessings to “the least of these.”