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Bethel House India

Providing life-affirming alternatives to abortion and female infanticide

Doug and Mr. Godfrey Rajkumar, Regional Director of Jeevan

Who We Are

Bethel House is a project under the umbrella of Devxchange– a network of many volunteers of People Helping People.

Doug and Anna Roth are the Lead Members for the project that are working with their local implementing partners in India. 

Click on the images above to view these videos from Jeevan on YouTube.

Mr. Godfrey, through Jeevan, has been creating a publication called Pranasvasa. We have posted the first and second ones here for you to have a read.

Pranasvasa Issue One

Pranasvasa Issue Two

Jeevan has also been producing videos to encourage pregnant moms during this pandemic. In April 2020, the video was on avoiding anxiety during gestation. May’s was on how to deliver an emotionally healthy baby through gratefulness, and June’s was Jennifer’s story, the story of a mom who already had twins and was surprised to be expecting again. Here Jennifer tells her story of pregnancy and how she manages life as a busy mom.

Our Mission

Bethel House India provides life-affirming alternatives to abortion and female infanticide. The purpose of Bethel House India has always been to spread the message of life with the disadvantaged—as in the song, Like a bridge over troubled water. 

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Establishing Resource, Education and Pregnancy Centres throughout India.

Awareness Seminars

Our Campaigns

Bethel Canadian Support Ministries
2023 Budget...
Raised: $0.00
Goal: $30,260.00
Bethel House India
Bethel House India
2023 Budget. Bethel House India provides life-affirming alternatives...
Raised: $130.00
Goal: $38,000.00

Giving by e-Transfer

One way of giving that has many advantages and more people are enjoying is through e-Transfer because you can do it from your online banking website. This is a 2-step process that can be done easily.

Step 1: Fill out e-Transfer form.

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E-Transfers must be sent to Devxchange at “”. Be sure that you include on the form the password you use in the e-Transfer.

Giving by Cheque

If you would like to donate by cheque, please make cheque out to the following address. Please specify on the memo line “Canadian Operations” or “Bethel House India.”

Giving by Credit/Debit

If you would like to donate in this way, please click on the project, and the option will be available.

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