Welcome to Bethel House. Saving lives in India.


Bethel House is a project under DevXchange, a registered Canadian Charity. Doug Roth was encouraged by a friend to seek to help and address the issue of female feticide in India as statistics clearly show there is a shortage of women in the country.

Bethel House India opened a Life Center (Pregnancy Resource Centre) in Vellore, South India. Since then, another center has opened in Kanchipuram.  These centers are now called SONRise Life Centers.

The centres primarily provide a safe home for unmarried pregnant women and new moms. In the Indian context, single women who are pregnant have no place in either the family or the broader society. Normally, the woman would seek an abortion. If, for some reason, that is not possible, suicide or leaving home is often the solution, since Indian women rarely speak up about such situations.

In the light of this, our project seeks to provide women with encouragement, support and resources to carry their babies to full term.